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insulator coating

After the PRTV anti-pollution flashover coating is cured on the surface of the insulator, it becomes silicone rubber. The silicone resin contained in this layer of silicone rubber has strong water repellency, which can turn the water film into water droplets and compress pollutant particles into capsules to become water repellent, thereby inhibiting leakage and preventing the formation of conductive channels.

PRTV anti-pollution flashover coatings are mainly used for power system substations and transmission line insulators, power plants as well as power user substation equipment, and other electrical equipment external insulators. After the porcelain (or glass) insulator is sprayed with the PRTV anti-pollution flashover coating, the composite structure of the porcelain (or glass) skeleton is quickly formed to eliminate the pollution flashover accident of the power external insulation equipment. This can guarantee the normal operation of the grid for more than 10 years. In addition, it can be long-term maintenance-free and cleaning-free. It not only reduces the maintenance cost and indirect power loss for users in the later period, but also protects the safe operation of the power system!

The PRTV anti-pollution flashover coating of Fujian Ruisen New Materials Co., Ltd. has hydrophobicity after construction. This greatly increases the pollution flashover voltage of the external insulation of power transmission and transformation equipment. The pollution flashover voltage can be increased to 200%, which can ensure the safety of power equipment. When using our products, please open the sealed package first, and then spray directly on the surface of the electric porcelain. When it is in contact with air, it solidifies into a film, which not only guarantees quality, reduces waste, but also makes it more convenient to use during construction.