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Silicone Rubber Shield for Porcelain Insulators
Silicone Rubber Shield for Porcelain Insulators can used to protect the 10-35kV overhead power line insulators (such as pin porcelain insulator, cap and pin type suspension insulator) from bird damage, lightning attack, etc.

Features of High Voltage Booster Shed

1. Shed booster can be used on 30kV~500kV switchgear, disconnector, post insulator, surge arrester and transformer insulation for increasing leakage path and enhancing pollution resistance.
2. The silicon rubber shed booster can be widely applied on any station porcelain insulation.
3. The shed number, shape and location shall determine in consideration with site pollution severity for optimized effect.
4. They can be adhered on large surface to increase adhesion reliability.

Apart from increasing the flashover performance of insulators, silicone rubber shield for porcelain insulators is perfect for reducing the surface electrical stress and leakage current and increasing the electric strength of the insulators.
  • Product Features of Busbar Insulation Coating:

    1. Made of special organic silicone rubber and other polymer and high performance.
    2. Safe of electric equipment so important for power system.
    3. Breakdown of electric equipment will bring huge loss to power system and entire national production.
    4. Our silicone rubber insulation coating protects power system from breakdown like bombing.
    5. Applied to equipment or elements need insulating handling, heat-conduction, flame resistant and moisture-proof protection like bare wire, naked bus, electric cable, wall crossing pipeline in high-low pressure substation and distribution system, HP motor, dry reactor, dry transformer and switch cabinet.
    6. Especially suitable for electric equipment working in dirt and humid environment.
    7. Excellent insulating property: Breakdown field strength of coating is over 20kv/mm.
    8. Can effectively stop general short trouble caused by small animal in transformer substation and person injury accident because of nude electric.
    9. Non-flammable, self-extinguishing, nice flame retardant with FV-0 class.
    10. Excellent heat-conducting: Heat conductivity 0.202W/ (m. K) 10 times of air, so it can release equipment's heat in time to prevent excess temperature.
    11. High strength, strong adhesion and high corrosion tolerate.
    12. Ozone, UV and environment aging-resistant.
    13. Not be easy break down by ozone and UV radiation.
    14. Service Life is at least 20 years in nature environment.
  • Product Standard of Busbar Insulation Coating:

    DL/T 627-2012 Room Temperature Vulcanized Silicone Rubber Anti-Pollution Coating for Insulators
    IEEE 1523 IEEE Guide for Application, Maintenance, and Evaluation of Room Temperature Vulcanized (RTV) Silicone Rubber Coatings for Outdoor Ceramic Insulators

    Contact us get more details about RTV-II Silicone Rubber Coating, such as TDS, Application Method, OEM etc.
Item Silicone Rubber Insulation Coating Heat Shrink Tube
Electrical Insulation Excellent electrical insulation. Breakdown Voltage is more than 25 kV/mm. Common performance.
Cover Effect Excellent adhesion.
The coating layer is intense, it could strongly stick to the equipment surface and could well resist to the corrosion caused by acid, alkali, salt and air.
Common cover effect especially in the connection part.
Thermal Conductivity The coating has closely attached to the conductor and has good thermal conductivity could better release the heat of equipment. Its thermal conductivity is 0.2W/ (m. k), which is ten times then air. Relatively poor due to there is air gap between the tube and equipment.
Flame Retardant Hard to burn and has good fire retarding ability up to FV-0 Class. Easy to deform, crack and broke.
Application Favorable hardness makes its construction time is short. (less than one working day)
It can well fit and protect the surface of special shaped equipment or components and special connection position so that to make the conductors as one.
Long construction time and need to disassemble the equipment.
It’s easy to crack and broken for the coating on the special shaped equipment or components and the connection or twist place.
Maintenance Easy to maintain and repair. The coating will not affect the dismounting of screw or bolt. Moreover, if recoating, the new coating can have integrated fuse with the old coating tightly. Although it’s also convenient to maintain and repair, but the connection place is easy to peel and broke.
Ageing Resistance Good hydrophobicity and resistance to ageing, dampness, ozone, radiation, UV, etc. make it free of maintenance and can serve for a long time. Its service life could be more than 20 years. Poor ageing resistance, its service time is about 5 years or even less especially in some bad environment the cracking and break phenomenon will happen.
Economic Excellent performance at reasonable cost. Lower cost.

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