Focus on the development of electric power external insulation products.
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    • High Voltage Insulator Coating (RTV) Suppliers With The Largest Output Most Complete Varieties
    • Fujian RuiSen New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, located in Fujian Province, China. RuiSen is the largest manufacturer of RTV Silicon Coating (HVICs) in China, has many years' experience about R&D, manufacture management, and project management. We are the high-tech public company in China that specializes in Research and Development, Design, Manufacture, Sales and Project construction. 
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We are a professional manufacturer of power insulation products, our products cover power transmission, distribution and daily life, such as, PRTV coating, RTV-II coating, insulation coating, insulation cover, insulation tapes, bus bar protect products and insulators.

Case We've succeed

Since the establishment of the enterprise, we have many typical successful cases, and we also provide many years of service for the safe operation of the power system. We would like to share with you our success stories and help you improve the stability of power operation.

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