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Without professional precautions, the power system is prone to failure and serious consequences during thunder and lightning and heavy rain. However, how to improve the intelligence and safety of the power grid, but through modern technology to achieve, Anti-pollution Flashover Coating is used is one of the most powerful measures.

1、Anti-pollution Flashover Coating is professionally made to be applied to the outer layer of power lines.

Anti-pollution Flashover Coating, after curing, will form a layer of anti-electricity and water-proof gel layer on the surface of electric porcelain, this gel layer has good water-proof performance, when the water passes through the gel layer, it will not stay on the gel layer, and will not penetrate deeply into the electric porcelain wire, so it can greatly reduce the risk of current leakage, and can effectively prevent foul flash voltage.

Anti-pollution Flashover Coating as a new energy, in the new era of application is very important, the traditional energy because of environmental protection and economic cleanliness issues have been less adapted to the development of modern industry, and this new energy can effectively ensure the safety and environmental protection of the power system with electricity, to solve the problem of grid intelligence security. Experts say that to ensure the rapid development of electricity, we must adhere to the unified management of the power network, the construction of efficient and safe emergency management system, and to complete the difficult task of this era, the application of Anti-pollution Flashover Coating is very necessary, its ability to vigorously improve grid security, effectively improve the current relatively weak grid structure, help to form a unified power Scheduling issues, from a long-term perspective, relate to the stable development of the power security system. It can be said that this kind of coating is the foundation of modern smart grid construction.

2、Anti-pollution Flashover Coating makes power transmission safer

Wire is the intermediate medium of electric energy transportation, the quality of wire transportation directly affects the safety of electricity and economic development, now the development of the economy is based on the safety of electricity, now the production of any industry is electrical energy to achieve, electrical energy transmission determines the use of electrical energy environment, although the wire is produced using insulating materials, but the wire surface insulation material can also be damaged, especially the bad weather is more likely to affect the wire. The insulation on the surface of the wire is easily damaged in lightning storms, and the wires inside the wire will be exposed to the air after the wire insulation is damaged, which is very dangerous. Anti-pollution Flashover Coating can effectively enhance the protective effect of the wire insulation layer, and the quality of the wire will not be affected by lightning storms. The surface of the wire in the thunderstorm weather formed a water layer, the water layer is also a conductive material, so the surface of the wire has a very strong conductivity, many high-voltage wire surface will have high voltage generated, there may also be a flash situation, and eventually damage the wire, resulting in the termination of electrical energy transmission.

Anti-pollution Flashover Coating is the protective outer layer of the wire, with this coating protection, the insulation layer of the wire will not be affected by thunderstorms, high voltage formation of flash pollution will not damage the structure of the wire, so the wire can safely transmit electrical energy, general mountainous areas of high-voltage power lines for electrical energy transmission requirements are higher, and the location of the mountainous areas of high-voltage power lines are higher, more susceptible to thunderstorms, so mountainous areas of high-voltage power lines are Need anti-fouling flash coatings protection, so that the quality of the wire can ensure long-term use, and in the role of Anti-pollution Flashover Coating, the number of wire maintenance is greatly reduced to ensure efficient transmission of electricity to ensure healthy economic development.