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Hollow & Bushing Insulator
We offer different kinds of Hollow & Bushing Insulator for Substation, such as Circuit Breaker (CB), GIS, Post Insulator, Disconnector, Potential Transformer (PT), Surge Arrester, etc.

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We can supply different type of Hollow & Bushing Insulator, also customer required.

Background technique of Hollow & Bushing Insulator

Arcing, corona, etc. occur in the device or the end of the hollow core composite sleeve, and the high temperature generated directly acts on the inner wall of the epoxy layer. Or the plasma generated by the arc and the corrosive gas generated by the decomposition of SF6 in the circuit breaker may impinge on the inner wall of the exposed epoxy layer. Polyethylene oxide itself has high temperature ablation resistance, arc resistance and corona resistance, and may cause severe surface ablation and leakage. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the arc resistance of the Hollow & Bushing Insulator.

In the existing science and technology, the fluoroplastic tube is sheathed in the polyethylene oxide/glass fiber composite pipe, thereby utilizing the arc resistance of the fluoroplastic to prevent arc, corona and the like from damaging the inner wall of the hollow composite pipe. However, in this way, its flexibility is poor, the pipe wall is thick, the production is difficult, and the cost is high.
  • Introduction of Hollow Core Insulators:

    Hollow & Bushing Insulator plays an important role in insulation, support, etc. in outdoor power stations, substation and electrical equipment, or as a component of electrical equipment for power equipment, and it is common to see ceramic bushing insulators or hollow porcelain insulator used. It is usually made of glass fiber hollow-wound tube, upper and lower flanges and silicone rubber shed, which provides support and insulation for wires and electrical equipment, or acts as external insulation for electric equipment, bearing external forces such as bending and stretching.
  • Structure of Hollow & Bushing Insulator:

    The Hollow & Bushing Insulator consists of an insulated mandrel inner cylinder, a tip flange, and a silicone rubber umbrella sleeve. The silicone rubber umbrella sleeve is formed by connecting two or more silicone rubber umbrella sleeve segments, and the connection structure between the adjacent two silicone rubber umbrella sleeve segments is a stepped lap joint structure, which increases the lap joint area. When the silicone rubber umbrella sleeve is subjected to the axial tensile force, the joint strength between the two mold umbrella sleeves is strengthened, the electrical performance of the hollow composite insulator is ensured, and the service life is prolonged.
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