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Pin Type & Other Medium Voltage Line Post Insulator
We offer different kinds of pin type and medium voltage insulator for distribution system.

Contact us get more details about pin type and medium voltage insulator, such as TDS, Application Method, OEM etc.
We can supply different type of pin type insulator and medium voltage insulator Voltage Insulator, also customer required.

Introduction to Pin Type & Other Medium Voltage Line Post Insulator

Porcelain parts and cast steel of pin type ordinary porcelain insulators are glued together with cement glue. The surface of the porcelain piece is coated with a layer of glaze to improve the insulation properties of the insulator. The surface of the cast steel and porcelain glue is coated with a moisture-proof agent.
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  • The Classification of Pin Type Insulators:

    1. Ordinary Pin Type Insulators
    After the crack or severe hardening of the pin type ordinary porcelain insulator, it can continue to run in fine weather. However, in the case of light rain or heavy fog, the insulation will drop sharply, causing line failure.

  • 2. Lightning Protection Pin Type Insulators
    It adopts a patented puncture-type structure that can penetrate the wire insulation layer installed in the wire groove to form an electrical connection. The unique arc-extinguishing fork is closely connected with the upper end of the insulator by a bolt, and the other end is a discharge end, forming a discharge gap with the ground electrode mounted on the lower end of the insulator. Besides, it is covered by an insulating boot, except for all exposed fittings on the upper end of the insulator outside the discharge end of the arcing fork. In the normal state, the discharge gap of the lightning protection insulator does not operate; only when the specified lightning overvoltage occurs, the gap between the pilot fork and the ground electrode can be broken down to form a short circuit.
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