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High Voltage Insulator Coating (HVIC) is used on excessive voltage insulators to forestall flashover and arcing, particular in severely contaminated environments. Following the following 2 tips, you will get good results: Clean all surfaces of dust, grease and wax & Check temperature and humidity when applying.

High Voltage Electrical Insulation Coating Function

Insulator contamination, from salt spray, industrial pollutants, and even wasteland sand, can lead to costly power interruptions due to arcing and flashover and lead to well-known preservation issues. In order to reduce protection costs & increase reliability, I’d like to use our high-voltage coating to enhance your utility reputation.

The high voltage insulators are exposed to harsh environmental prerequisites as excessive temperature and moisture and as properly as serious pollution due to coastal, industrial, agricultural and desert regions. These factors end result in excessive leakage contemporary over the surface of ceramic and glass insulators that may leads to flashover.

Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) silicone rubber coating over the floor of porcelain and glass insulators combines their excessive mechanical electricity with superior hydrophobicity conduct of silicone rubber that leads to extremely discount of leakage cutting-edge in areas with excessive pollution.

Their special and patented method presents a particularly hydrophobic surface for its whole life. These coating are no longer affected by using UV light, corona discharge, chemical contaminants, salt, excessive temperature or corrosive environments.

Why Choose Ruisen?

Fujian Ruisen New Materials Co., Ltd. with years of extensive, deep and successful experience and presence in hundreds huge projects from Asia to America, is the most famous and highly valued provider of High Voltage Insulator Coating in all over the world. Ruisen RTV-II electrical insulating paint is a room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone rubber product, RTV-II coating is widely used in electrical power system (power plant, overhead line, transmission line, substation, switch yard, distribution etc.) to prevent flash over, arcing etc. under humidity, heavy fog weather or wet weather. Especially in heavy pollution areas such as industrial park, desert and coastal regions.

Enhancing gird reliability and eliminate pollution flashover under pollution conditions without compromising physical integrity of equipment.

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