Fujian Ruisen New Materials Co., Ltd.

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Fujian Ruisen New Materials Co., Ltd.
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Company Culture

Company Culture

Company Culture

Company Culture

Enterprise Vision

Our goal is, serving the electrical utility industry to develop as an international high-tech chemical company.

Enterprise Philosophy

  • Business Philosophy: Innovative, quality, honesty, improvement
  • Team philosophy: respect united trust share
  • Individual philosophy: self-disciplined, self-respect, modest, exceed
  • Virtue philosophy: responsibility, honesty, promise realization

The Spirit of Enterprise

  • United, Professional dedication, Pragmatic, Innovative
  • Ruisen is a united, friendly, mutually helps the cooperation team Ruisen employees show the Professional dedication: obey the rule, diligent, passion, active, perfect problem shooting, persistence, strive to self-realization. Ruisen employees are practically-minded, innovative, maintain the spirit of keeping pace with the times' individuals.

Strategic Thinking

Our Short-term and Medium-range development strategy is the investment based on the electrical utility industry, maximize the utility of the resources, rapidly enhance company's technological strength, clear setting market position, and improve the innovative ability and management ability. When we are making the important strategy, more focus on the new market and new product instead of the high-profit programs.