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Self-cleaning & Anti-tracking Coating SRTV
Well solve the hydrophobicity loss problem of silicone rubber external insulation when in continual rainy and wet weather. It also helps to lessen the happening chance of unknown flashover on the silicone rubber external insulation.

Applicable voltage: 1~1000kV rated voltage.

Applicable environment temperature: -50℃~250℃.

Application scope of Self-cleaning & Anti-tracking Coating SRTV:

The external insulation anti-pollution flashover treatment for power transmission, substation and distribution equipment which is operating in AC and DC under contaminated areas.

It's quite suitable for the electrical equipment operated in coastal area, heavily oil polluted area and other places where are easy to be polluted and get moisten to protect their external insulation property and prevent them from pollution flashover. It can also greatly enhance the electrical devices’ insulation protection level.
  • Features of Anti Tracking Paint & Self Cleaning Paint SRTV:

    1. Of special chemical composition structure and polymerization technology to make the service life more than 20 years.
    2. Excellent self-cleaning and water-resistance properties which are much better than ordinary RTV or PRTV;
    3. Excellent hydrophobicity and rapid, balanced and sustained hydrophobic migration. The speed of hydrophobic migration is 2~3 times as fast as ordinary RTV and PRTV and the service time of hydrophobicity and hydrophobic migration is 10 times of ordinary RTV/PRTV, which better to make sure the equipment work safely in atrocious weather. (Ordinary RTV coating can work continually for 2~3 days in foggy and drizzling weather, while SRTV coating can work continually more than 20 days in the same weather.)
    4. Enjoys good electrical insulative. For the power transmission and transformation equipment work in the same salinity conditions, the pollution flashover voltage amplitude can comparatively be multiplied at least twice, and the initial discharge voltage could be doubled.
    5. The coating has good self-cleaning ability and is resistant to acid, alkali, salt and oxidant, etc. so it doesn't need extra labor and cost to maintain and clean regularly during its effective time,
    6. Intense anti-pollution flashover coating and strong adhesion make it not affected by the engineering staff's step or stamp on its surface.
    7. High Cost-Effective. It's more economical than changing equipment or parts.

    We have passed the ISO9001:2008 Certification of Quality Management System, ISO14001:2004 Certification of Environmental Management System and the Certification of Occupational Health and Safety Management System

    This product has passed the electrical performance test by Quality Inspection and Test Center for Equipment of Electric Power in Wuhan High-voltage Research Institute and the 5000 hours accelerated aging test by Chemical Industry Synthetic Materials Aging Quality Supervision and Testing Center.

  • SRTV is a technology innovation fruit base on the PRTV:

    1. Improve the surface self-cleaning performance of the silicone rubber anti-pollution flashover coating while keeping the RTV's good hydrophobicity and hydrophobic migration properties by self-stratification technology;

    2. Enhance the water-resistance ability of silicone rubber anti-pollution flashover coating: The hydrophobicity of SRTV coating could function well even be continually soaked into water more than 20 days. It well solves the hydrophobicity loss problem of RTV, PRTV when dipped in water 1~2 days.

    3. Good water-resistance ability also satisfactorily solves the unknown flashover happening when in continual raining weather, which troubled power system many years.

Product Standard of Self Cleaning Coatings & Paint:

DL/T 627-2012 Room Temperature Vulcanized Silicone Rubber Anti-Pollution Coating for Insulators

IEEE 1523 IEEE Guide for Application, Maintenance, and Evaluation of Room Temperature Vulcanized (RTV) Silicone Rubber Coatings for Outdoor Ceramic Insulators

We can supply different color of SRTV Silicone Rubber Coating, such as RED, GRAY, WHITE and other color, also customer required.

Contact us get more details about SRTV Silicone Rubber Coating, such as TDS, Application Method, OEM etc.
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