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Anti-blasting & Anti-spatter Coating FB-PRTV
we are main Silicone Rubber Coating Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of affordable range of Anti-Blasting & Anti-Spatter Coatings world-over. Our range comprising of Anti-Blasting (FB-PRTV), Anti-Spatter Coating (FB-PRTV) etc. is reckoned for its peerless anti explosion splash effect, necessary for protection of electrical equipment.

The Renovation Technology for the Deteriorated Silicone Rubber Composite Bushing (such as CT, composite insulator) to remold its surface, strengthen its structure and recover its surface anti-pollution flashover property.

Busing and insulator is exposed to the harsh climate and strong electric field conditions all year long, day and night, the jointed reactions of partial discharge, temperature change, UV radiation, acid rain hydrolysis, etc. will inevitably accelerate its surface deterioration process.

The silicone rubber bushing after deteriorated will appear to be weakening or complete loss of hydrophobicity, embrittled, hardening, pulverized, cracking, etc.

Due to the deterioration is taken place from outside to inside, so when the surface aging phenomenon happens, necessary measure should be promptly adopted to recover its surface performance and structural strength so that to extend the equipment’s service time and make sure them work in safe status.
  • The renovation for the deteriorated silicone rubber composite bushing:

    1. Cleaning: Clean up the unconsolidated and pulverized and other dirt;
    2. Repairing: Use preformed silicone rubber patch to repair the worn bushing;
    3. Recovering: Use exclusive silicone rubber mending putty to fill the crack surface;
    4. Crosslinking: Treat the surface by special-used cleaner which contains low molecule so that the deteriorated Si-O bond will re-crosslink with new polydimethylsiloxane to restore its original property;
    5. Coating: The mechanical intensity of deteriorated bushing has weakened to some extent although it has been re-crosslink treated, therefore the liquid silicone rubber coating FB-PRTV is an ideal choice to strengthen the mechanical intensity because of its good tearing resistance.

    FB-PRTV is a new type of anti-pollution flashover coating of polymer interpenetrating net structure. It's compounded of organosilicon prepolymer, modified silicone rubber and special aramid fibers, it has good mechanical property, high intensity, excellent anti-pollution flashover and anti-explosion scattering protection performance.

    This product has passed the electrical performance test and 5000 hours accelerated aging test by Wuhan High-voltage Research Institute;
    It's also successfully experimented in military explosion.
  • Product Standard of Anti-blasting & Anti-spatter Coating FB-PRTV:

    DL/T 627-2012 Room Temperature Vulcanized Silicone Rubber Anti-Pollution Coating for Insulators

    IEEE 1523 IEEE Guide for Application, Maintenance, and Evaluation of Room Temperature Vulcanized (RTV) Silicone Rubber Coatings for Outdoor Ceramic Insulators

    Contact us get more details about FB-PRTV Silicone Rubber Coating, such as TDS, Application Method, OEM etc.

    We can supply different color of FB-PRTV Coating, such as RED, GRAY, WHITE and other color, also customer required.
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