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insulator coating

Coatings are used in the electric power industry, but coatings are also used in other industries. Different coatings have different functions. Architectural coatings are mainly used on walls, mainly for excellent decoration or protection. This kind of anti-pollution flashover coating is used in the power equipment industry. The modification of power equipment is mainly for the purpose of insulation, but there are certain requirements for the construction of anti-pollution flashover coatings.

1. Detailed modification requirements for anti-pollution flashover coatings

In the process of construction, the construction steps must be strictly followed and cannot be carried out arbitrarily. For this kind of coating, pay attention to the environment during construction, and cannot construct in the climate of rain, snow and sand. The construction temperature should not be lower than the standard temperature, otherwise it will affect the construction effect.

In order to ensure the insulation purpose of the anti-pollution flashover coating, you should clean the surface or leave it in a dry condition, so as to ensure the insulation function to the greatest extent. If there are oil stains on the surface, you must pay more attention to cleaning, otherwise the surface will appear to be demolded and affect the normal use. In addition, to ensure the normal operation of power equipment, the function of anti-pollution flashover materials should be ensured.

2. Anti-pollution flashover coating is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly anti-pollution flashover product

Regarding the function of the anti-pollution flashover coating, we should check it carefully before construction, so as not to cause an accident in the later stage. This kind of paint has better insulating properties, and it is less likely to have leakage after modification. This is a non-toxic anti-pollution flashover product that enhances the aging resistance of electrical equipment. A variety of different functions show that the application of anti-pollution flashover coatings in the electrical industry is the best choice.

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