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The zinc rich epoxy primer is the most common painting in industrial anti-corrosion series. There are many kinds of names of it, such as epoxy primer, epoxy anti-rust primer, zinc powder anti-rust primer and so on. Although the names are different but the essences are the same. From the search results of major search engines, many customers pay more attention to price and application. Today I will give you an analysis of the information about the zinc rich epoxy primer that you want to know.

The composition
The zinc rich epoxy primer is a special painting product consisting of epoxy resin and zinc powder as the main raw material, as well as the thickener, filler, auxiliary agent and solvent and so on. Currently, the two component zinc rich epoxy primer is widely used in the market, which is mainly divided into main paint and curing agent. When we need to use them, we should mix them according to the proportion.

The characteristics
The zinc rich epoxy primer has excellent anti-corrosion performance, good mechanical properties, strong adhesion as well as conductivity and cathodic protection. This product also has the characteristics of quick drying and oil resistance, which can be used with most anti-rust paints and top coats matching. The zinc rich epoxy primer can also be distinguished according to the amount of zinc involved. The minimum standard for zinc content is 30%. If it is less than 30%, it will not on the list of recommend products, because his effect is not as good as ordinary alkyd blending paint. What has to pay attention is that if the zinc rich epoxy primer contains less than 50% zinc, it does not have electrical conductivity and weldability. What’s more, the other one which has the same characteristic is zinc rich epoxy primer with 70% zinc content up to the national standard.

The use
The zinc rich epoxy primer is widely used in storage tanks, containers, steel structures, steel pipes, offshore platforms, ships, seaport facilities, and undercoatings for harsh corrosion-resistant environments.

The common problem
The zinc rich epoxy primer can not be used directly as a top coat. Exposed to air for a long time after brushing, it will produce zinc salt. This is also a common misunderstanding. If the paint is mixed, it needs to be painted as soon as possible, otherwise it will be curing easily. There is another thing to pay attention, which is the problem of the thickness of this paint film. Generally speaking, one kilogram of paint can be painted 4 to 5 square meters, the actual thickness of the paint film is about 40 to 60um. As for the specific details, it still should be consulted with the manufacturer.