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Multifunctional Insulator Cleaning Agent RS-10
Multifunctional Insulator Cleaning Agent (RS-10) is mainly used for eradicating dirt, dust and contaminations on surface of the power equipment, especially clean that which surface was heavily polluted. After cleaning, RS-10 can significantly enhance the adhesion between the RTV coatings and the surface of insulator.

The Advantages of Multifunctional Insulator Cleaning Agent RS-10

Remove the dust, acid, salt and oil completely;
Environmentally friendly, damaged the equipment;
Enhance the adhesion of coating;
Volatilize quickly, no residue.

Insulator Cleaner Classification:

High and low voltage electric porcelain (insulator) cleaning agent;
Composite insulator cleaning agent;
High temperature resistant cleaning agent;
Charged water rinse treatment water degreasing additive;
Environmentally friendly transformer oil cleaning agent;
Transformer charged cleaning agent.
  • Application Scope of Multifunctional Insulator Cleaning Agent RS-10:

    1. Power company, Utility, Power Station, Substation, Transmission Line, Overhead Line & Distribution Line, etc.
    2. Composite Insulator, Silicone Rubber Insulator, Glass or Porcelain Disc Insulator, Bushing, Long Rod Insulator, Hollow Porcelain Insulator, etc.
    3. Different kind of pollution environments, such as slat fog, cement dust, fly ash, oil and other industrial pollutants.

    It is mainly used to clean the surface of insulators in the power industry and surfaces such as porcelain, glass and synthetic materials. Since the product is crystalline, it is more convenient to carry than the liquid cleaning product; the cleaning process does not require water and is more widely used. It can quickly remove dust, oil, moisture, etc. from the porcelain bottle. The cleaned electric porcelain bottle is clean and tidy, which can effectively extend the service life of the electric porcelain bottle and reduce the chance of dirty flash.

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  • The Usage of Multifunctional High Voltage Insulator Cleaning Agent:

    Scrubbing and brushing method: The cleaning equipment can be scrubbed or brushed with a dry cloth dipped in an electric porcelain bottle cleaning agent. (Note: when it is not charged)
    Spraying method: High-pressure spray washing with a charged cleaning machine can quickly remove dust, oil, moisture, carbon powder, metal powder, surface static electricity and other harmful substances on the insulator, and then dry naturally after washing.
    Tips: There are two situations that are not suitable for live operation, one is abnormally hot equipment; the other is in a particularly humid environment. Both of them cannot be cleaned with electricity and need to be cleaned by power failure.


    In order to avoid skin contact with the cleaning solution for a long time, you need to wear rubber gloves.
    When cleaning indoors, pay attention to indoor ventilation.
    When charging with electricity, personnel should stand at the upwind.
    When opening the bottle cap, please do not face the bottle directly to prevent the liquid in the barrel from splashing (long-term exposure, high pressure inside the barrel).
    Avoid washing liquid into the eyes. If you are not careful, rinse immediately with clean water. If you still feel unwell, you should go to the hospital for examination.
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