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insulator coating

According to the requirement for sufficient power consumption of the external power supply of the power system, the power consumption of the power supply system is increasing. The anti-pollution flashover paint live spraying is a new mode, which has the advantages of flexible operation, short working time, and no need to cut off the power after the job is completed.

In the long-term outdoor operation of the porcelain surface of electrical equipment, it is inevitable that it will become dirty and gather dust, and gradually accumulate to form a dirty layer. In humid weather, the dirty layer will evolve into a conductive layer covering the ceramic surface, so the creepage distance will gradually decrease. And it will eventually lead to local arcing and surface flashover, which is called dirty flashover.

1. The four stages of pollution flashover of anti-pollution flashover coating

The four stages are: the deposition of pollution, the wetting of the pollution layer, the formation of dry areas and the generation of local arcs, and the development of local arcs to flashover. At present, the traditional anti-pollution flashover measures include: adjusting the climbing distance, adding umbrella skirts, applying silicone oil, wax, etc. The new anti-fouling flashover technologies that have been tested and promoted at this stage include: live cleaning, replacement of composite insulators, single-component RTV coating with stable performance, strong hydrophobicity, and simple spraying construction.

2. Power equipment uses anti-pollution flashover coating to prevent pollution

The anti-pollution flashover coating can be evenly sprayed on the surface of the insulator to form a 0.4-1mm thick adhesion layer, which can prevent the moisture on the surface of the insulator from forming a continuous water film. It exists in the form of isolated water droplets, which cuts off the moisture of the key link pollution layer and effectively prevents equipment pollution flashover. In heavily polluted areas, it still has a strong anti-pollution flashover performance. The use of anti-pollution flashover coatings is also an effective way to alleviate the above-mentioned situation.

Through the use of anti-pollution flashover paint safety materials, the durability of old machines is effectively improved. Eliminate the pollution of various axis electrical equipment, so that the possibility of supply is greatly improved.