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insulator coating
The insulator has the characteristic of itself - breaking zero value. As long as the observation can be done on the ground or in the helicopter, no boarding pole piece by piece inspection, which is helpful for reducing the labor intensity of workers.

The self-breaking rate of the introduced production line is 0.02-0.04% annually, which can save the maintenance cost of the line. Good resistance to arc and vibration

The surface of the suspended glass insulator is still smooth vitreous body after being burned by lightning in operation, and there is a protective layer of tempered internal stress, so it still retains enough insulation energy and mechanical strength.

On the 500kv line, there are many disasters caused by ice-bound conductors. After testing the glass insulator after dancing, the electromechanical performance is not attenuated.

Self-cleaning performance is good and not easy to aging, according to the generally report of power department that the glass insulator is not easy to dirt and easy to clean, south line running suspended glass insulator after rain washed more clean.

The electromechanical properties of suspended glass insulators on typical regional lines are regularly sampled and measured. The accumulated data of thousands of data show that the electromechanical properties of glass insulators after 35 years of operation are basically the same as those at the factory, and there is no aging phenomenon.