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Product characteristics of busbar insulation coatings

1. The busbar insulation coating is made of special silicone rubber and other polymers with high performance.

2. Our silicone rubber insulation coating can protect the power system from explosion and other failures.

3. It is suitable for equipment or components that need insulation treatment, heat conduction, flame retardant and moisture-proof protection, such as bare wire, bare busbar, cable, wall bushing in high and low voltage substation and distribution system, high voltage motor, dry reactor, dry transformer and switch cabinet.

4. Busbar insulation coating is especially suitable for electrical equipment working in humid and dusty environment.

5. Excellent insulation performance: the breakdown field strength of the coating is more than 20kV / mm.

6. Non-flammable, self-extinguishing, flame retardant grade FV-0.

7. Excellent thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity is 0.202w / (m). K) and it is 10 times of the air, so the heat of the equipment can be released in time to prevent the temperature from being too high.

8. High strength, strong adhesion and high corrosion resistance.

9. Ozone, ultraviolet ray and environmental anti-aging.

10. It is not easily decomposed by ozone and ultraviolet radiation.

11. The service life in natural environment is at least 20 years.


1. The packaging barrel should be closed immediately after being opened or used to avoid the paint from contacting with air for a long time, so as to prevent the coating from curing.

2. Construction should be carried out in good weather, prohibited in rain, fog, sand and other adverse meteorological conditions, to ensure the construction quality

3. The surface of porcelain insulator must be cleaned before coating to prevent grease, dust and moisture from remaining on the surface of porcelain insulator.