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Disc Suspension Insulator
We can offer different size of disc suspension insulator, including glass disc suspension insulator & porcelain disc suspension insulator for transmission line and substation.

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we can supply different type of disc suspension insulator, also customer required.

Disc and pin insulators are different. Disc suspension insulators are used for insulation and fixed wires in high-voltage overhead transmission and distribution lines, especially polymer disc insulators. Generally assembled into insulator strings for use on lines of different voltage levels. However, the best range of use of different types of corrosion-resistant insulators needs to be determined after trial run.
  • Main Application of Disc Insulator

    High-voltage line disc suspension porcelain insulators, for insulation and fixing in high-voltage overhead lines, are generally connected in series to form insulator strings for use on lines of various voltage levels. Insulators are classified into two types according to their environment and area. Ordinary insulators are suitable for general use. If the number of insulators is increased properly, the flashover performance can be improved. The anti-fouling insulator is divided into bell-type and double-layer umbrella according to its umbrella structure, which is suitable for industrial dust, chemical, saline, coastal and foggy areas. There are two series of new and old insulators. The old series products are divided into one hour electromechanical load; the new series products are divided according to electromechanical damage load. The new series of products have the advantages of advanced structure, good performance and standardization of metal accessories, which will replace the old series.
  • Structure of Disc Suspension Insulator

    Disc suspension insulators are made of porcelain, iron caps and steel feet glued to no less than No. 525 Portland cement, porcelain sand or quartz sand cement. The contact surface between the iron cap and the steel foot and the adhesive is thinly coated with a buffer layer. The top of the steel foot has a resilient pad. The surface of the porcelain is generally white glazed. Brown glaze or blue ash glaze can also be applied as needed. The surface of the iron cap and steel feet are all hot-dip galvanized. The push-pull type elastic locking pin of the ball type connecting structure has two forms of W type and R type, which is made of copper material, has good elasticity and corrosion resistance, and is convenient for disassembly and assembly. Slotted cylindrical pins and hump-shaped cotter pins. The former is hot-dip galvanized and the latter is made of copper. The above-mentioned elastic locking pin, cylindrical pin and other parts are supplied with the product set.                    
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