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Recently, the world's first porcelain insulator automatic production line in our company officially started debugging and succeeded.

Uhv porcelain insulators should be able to withstand 1 million volts of high voltage and more than 50 tons of tension. They should also be able to resist dust and adapt to all kinds of harsh natural weather conditions. They should be able to work continuously for at least 50 years. Among the many uhv transmission lines that have been running smoothly in China, half of them are made by jingcheng insulators. According to the statistics of the insulator industry, there are over 200 line insulator manufacturing enterprises in China, among which there are about 40 enterprises with a certain production scale. However, after the "assessment" of the high threshold of ultra-high voltage power grid, only NGK of Japan and three domestic enterprises including jingcheng insulators can provide products for it.

Electrical ceramics industry has been a typical labor-intensive industry, with complex processes, and cumbersome processes. From material selection to delivery, porcelain insulators need to go through the process of raw material inspection, batching, ball grinding, iron screening, pulping, granulation, billet making, glazing, firing, magnetic inspection, cutting and grinding.

Change the ingredient content and properties of raw materials, improve the compactness of products; the raw material preparation hydration process realizes the water recycling and changes the production process; the kiln waste heat utilization technology innovation, realized the production line zero emissions, the drying process and the firing process are united as a organic whole. Liquid cement grinding aid preparation, wireless intelligent zero online self-test, simple rotary screen, intelligent heat exchanger, automatic repair machine... In just a few years, 20 core technological innovations have been accomplished.

This fully automatic production line for porcelain insulator is a high-grade automatic production line for porcelain insulator that integrates and innovates many technologies, such as mineral powder crushing and separation technology, electronic weighing and batching technology, automatic firing technology of roller kiln, etc. Automation has been basically achieved from the ingredients, production, glazing, baking, testing, to the final packaging.