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Ⅰ. Preparation before work of suspension insulator

1. Do a good job in site survey. On-site investigation is to understand and record the on-site environmental factors and dangerous points such as anti-shock and anti-falling before the operation, so that the records can be filled in with a target.

2. Make overall arrangements to declare the power outage plan. According to the operation, arrange multiple teams and units to control and declare the power outage plan to avoid repeated power outages.

3. Fill in the power distribution job ticket. The job ticket is the fundamental basis for on-site operations. It is filled in based on the site survey records and checked repeatedly.

4. Prepare relevant things and materials. Prepare the corresponding safe construction tools and materials before the operation, and check that they are qualified and complete to avoid affecting the construction progress and extending the power outage after the start of the work.

Ⅱ. In-operation control of suspension insulator

1. Regulate the operation and maintenance personnel to cut off the power supply. Relevant personnel shall transfer the equipment to the maintenance status according to the requirements of the site, and take the corresponding safety measures for power outages.

2. Arrange site safety measures. The operation director urges workers to take safety measures such as operation grounding, warning signs, and traffic command at the site. After the inspection is correct, the official preliminary operation instructions are issued.

3. Do a good job in safety supervision on the site. The operation director supervises the behavior of workers throughout the process and corrects unsafe behavior in a timely manner. When necessary, a dedicated guardian shall be appointed.

Ⅲ. Summary after work of suspension insulator

1. Check the quality before finishing the job. Before the completion of the operation,  the operation director strictly inspects the site to ensure the construction quality.

2. After the completion of the project, organize the work site to ensure that no tools or materials are left behind, and all workers are evacuated. Besides, the completion report should be made.

Regardless of the construction of suspension insulators or other insulators, relevant work must be done to ensure construction quality and safety, and prevent accidents.