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With the accelerated pace of urban construction, more and more life applications in the market have formed a certain dependence on electric energy. And this will cause a certain burden on the operation of the electric power system, especially some power equipment applications for outdoor equipment. At this time, when it comes to protecting the safety of electric power use, it is a good choice to choose anti-pollution flashover coating equipment with more prominent power anti-fouling. But how to apply it to smear anti-fouling in use? Let's take a look together!

1. Construction requirements for using anti-pollution flashover coatings

The anti-pollution flashover coatings supplied in the market are our room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber RTV coatings for external insulation equipment of power systems. The coating operations using RTV coatings are all carried out in the construction site without power and the coated electrical equipment is under no voltage condition. And the coating effect can be guaranteed under the conditions of fine weather, no sand, no dust, dry air, appropriate temperature, no frost, no snow, no rain, and no dew.

2. The electric spraying of anti-pollution flashover coatings

For the coating operation can be carried out under the condition of electric equipment without power failure, which brings the role of Anti-pollution Flashover to our market is very looking forward to. The implementation of electrified spraying operations in the anti-pollution flashover coating market operation can give way to other work items of power outage operations and does not compete with other types of work for valuable outage time and limited workspace, so as to ensure the full play of its work efficiency and the improvement of quality. Good climatic conditions can be selected sufficiently efficiently for coating operations.

After all, the power grid pollution flashover in the current power system involves a wide range. If the power outage is longer in use, it may threaten the safe operation of our power transmission and transformation equipment, and cause losses to the market. This is a good trend for the development of the market if there is an anti-pollution flashover coating that can be applied to charged equipment in the power anti-fouling paint.