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Composite insulator electrical equipment cleaning agent, this product can quickly remove dust, oil, charcoal oil and other dirt on composite insulators and insulators sprayed with RTV paint without power off, the composite insulator after cleaning can achieve a brand new effect, can extend the service life of composite insulators. It has no corrosion to the silicone rubber material and has no effect on the hydrophobicity of the composite insulator. It is the best cleaning and protection product for the composite insulator.

1. Product features and usage methods of composite insulator cleaning agent


(1) Quickly remove dust, oil, moisture, toner and other harmful substances.

(2) The insulation strength of live cleaning is 35KV, which has a special protective effect on electrical equipment and switch circuits, and can produce an antistatic protective film after washing.

(3) No corrosion to composite insulators and insulators coated with RTV paint, metals, paint finishes, insulation coverings, plastics, silicone rubber, etc.


(1) Scrubbing and scrubbing method: use a dry cloth dipped in composite insulator cleaning agent to scrub or scrub with a brush.

(2) Spray washing method: Spray washing with live cleaning equipment can quickly remove dust, oil, moisture, carbon powder, metal powder, decorative static electricity and other harmful substances on the composite insulator, and dry it naturally after washing.

2. Classification of composite insulators

What are composite insulators? Composite insulators are also called non-porcelain insulators, which are different from traditional glass or ceramic insulators. They are polymer insulators mainly composed of glass fiber epoxy resin lead rods, silicone rubber sheds, and metal fittings. It has 5 categories:

(1) Composite pin insulator

Features: Good water repellency, aging resistance, high mechanical strength, small size, light weight, easy installation and more.

(2) Composite suspension insulator

Features: It can be widely used in areas with different pollution levels. It is light in weight, small in size, not easy to break, high in tensile strength, and strong in pollution resistance.

(3) Composite post insulators

Features: Good water repellency, aging resistance, high mechanical strength, small size, light weight, easy installation and more.

(4) Composite cross-arm insulators

Features: It is suitable for the technical transformation of the metropolitan area network, can effectively use the narrow corridor area of the city to boost the power transmission, can reduce the height of the tower, and save a lot of financial and material resources. Due to its high bending strength, it can prevent the breakage of the stage chain that is easy to occur on the porcelain cross arm, and it has good stain resistance.

(5) Composite insulators for electrified railways

Features: This product is suitable for electrified railway tunnels with complex operating conditions, which can effectively prevent pollution flashover accidents and reduce cleaning.

The necessity of cleaning composite insulators. Under the action of strong electric field, sunlight, humidity, pollution, acid rain, etc., the composite insulator will age the silicone rubber material, reduce the hydrophobicity, intensify the pollution, produce discharge phenomena such as corona and arc, and increase the leakage current, while corona, arc discharge, etc. intensify the aging process of composite insulators, such a vicious cycle, until serious accidents occur, affecting the safe operation of the power system.