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Brief introduction: The soft-type waterproof coating paint of RUISEN NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD is a tough membrane elastic water-proof coating formed by mixed materials, which is good adhesion to concrete and silverbolt. Both of them will combine tightly and permanently, preventing from descent of water.    Universal type of RUISEN NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD Is easy to operate. When all the materials mix up, chemical reaction sparks, not only developing a surface waterproof coating but penetrating inside to form crystalline for stopping the water going through which achieve the effect of double waterproofing. The product  meets the demands of the I1 standard of GB/23445 2009 Polymer Cement Waterproof Paint and the requirements JC10662008 Limits of Harmful Substances in Building Waterproofing Materials. Construction Technology Base deal 1. The formation level requires flatness, fastness, clean, no water and no leakage. 2. As for big holes and crack that is more than 0.1mm, repair mortar should be applied; using water to wet up the base level until it is saturated. When it is dry, the construction can be carried out. The method of application 1. When the pail pack is open, the raw material kit should be taken out. First is to add the material into the container, along with stirring and putting the powder into it at the same time, which will be subtle mixture after that; to spend 5 minutes on standing after stirring evenly will help sizing agent ripen, and then stir it for a while, after which can be under construction. The fine tuned sizing agent had better be used up within an hour. 2. Taking advantage of roller or brush to construct should paint at least two layers for slight waterproof generally, among which the second should be perpendicular to the first layer so as to be the best effect of covering. It is suggested that fiberglass mesh should be used for enhancement process for bigger gaps. 3. The second layer should proceed after 2 to 3 hours when the first one is dry. The specific time should be adjusted according to the environment at the site. 4. The thickness of each layer should be within 1mm, which is beneficial to maintain and solidify; the two layers should be about 1.5mm, the dose for each square meter is 1 to 2 kg. 5. After the construction, the waterproof should maintain for 1 to 2 days until the complete solidification is done to enter into next process. Matters needs to be paid attention to 1. The formation level ought to be wet fully but have no water; 2. Other coverage should be carried through after the waterproof solidify completely; 3. It is banned to continue working under 5℃in the rain; 4. The service time is 1.5 to 2 hours or so, but it is prohibited from adding water into solidified materials for use. If the eyes are contaminated, you have to clean it with a lot of water immediately, 2. The storage method 1. It should be stored above 5℃, and you should keep an eye on the humidity and sunscreen. It ought to be transported in line with general chemical products. 2. The storage period is within 12 months.