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Porcelain station post insulator is the earliest insulator. The process is simple. But it doesn't have the advantage of not staining as you say. In fact, in the field of ceramic insulator pollution is also very serious. The greatest advantage of glass insulators over ceramic insulators is that zero detection is not required. A zero value glass insulator will explode. Composite insulators are insulators develops later. Its advantages are light weight, strength, non - breakdown, the most important advantage is anti - pollution flashover ability. But it is composite material after all, compared with glass, porcelain this inorganic composition,the aging phenomenon is more serious.

Porcelain station post insulators are good chemical and thermal stability. It almost doesn’t age and deterioration, and has good electrical and mechanical properties. New varieties such as large diameter, L00 ~ 400KN large tonnage, common type and bell jar type umbrella have appeared. But on the whole, the number of porcelain insulator manufacturers has basically not increased these years, but decreased through integration and restructuring in the same fierce market competition. Tempered glass insulator has the characteristics of zero value self-breaking and easy to detect. In practical use, it can fully show good performance advantages, performance of good function and function, toughened glass insulator has zero value self-breaking characteristics. As long as observe on the ground or in the helicopter without boarding pole piece by piece detection, reduce the labor intensity of workers. Product structure and anti - fouling performance are the key. The glass insulator adopts the structure of cylindrical head, and the load bearing component is even. Compared with the conical head structure of traditional ceramic insulators in China which has been used for decades, it has the advantages of small size, light weight, high strength and excellent electrical performance. Since the linear expansion coefficient of glass is much larger than that of porcelain, and the external size is much smaller than that of composite insulation material, and it is easy to connect with metal accessories and cement, so the material of stressed components is well matched. Under all kinds of weather conditions, ceramic insulators and composite polymer insulator will not be as easy to produce dangerous stress and lead to aging. And it is difficult for composite insulator to solve the structure quality of composite interface.