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I. Definition

The construction waterproof coating is a viscous liquid polymer synthetic material which has a non-fixed shape at normal temperature, and after coating, a material which can form a tough waterproof coating film on the surface of the base layer by evaporation of a solvent or evaporation of water or reaction curing.
Common waterproof coatings are polyurethane waterproof coating, two-component polyurethane waterproof coating, oxybutyl polyurethane waterproof coating, one-component polyurethane waterproof coating, polymer cement waterproof coating, polymer emulsion waterproof coating, asphalt waterproof coating and modified asphalt waterproof coating, solvent-based asphalt waterproof coating, water-based modified asphalt waterproof coating, silicone rubber waterproof coating.

II. Advantages

Any complex base layer can be made into a continuous overall waterproof layer. The operation is simple and the construction technology is easy to grasp. The waterproof layer of the coating has a complete bonding surface with the base layer (except for the use of the reinforcing layer in cracks, joints, etc.). The water leakage of the Shenzhen coating waterproof layer during the serviceable period is mostly that the base layer cracking width exceeds the extendable range of the waterproof coating. The cause of water leakage and the part that forms the water leakage are easy to find, and the warranty is very convenient, as long as a small amount of waterproof material repairs cracks and damaged parts. High quality waterproof coatings are available for waterproofing on the back surface. Part of the waterproof coating can be applied on a wet base and form a waterproof layer.

III. Common classification

1. Solvent waterproof coating

In such a coating material, a polymer material as a main film-forming substance is dissolved in an organic solvent to form a solution. The polymer material is stored in a solution (coating) in a molecular state.

2. Emulsified waterproof coating

Such a water-repellent coating material as a main film-forming material is stably suspended (not dissolved) in water as a macroscopic particle (rather than in a molecular state) to form an emulsion coating.

3. Reactive waterproof coating

In such coatings, the polymer material as the main film-forming substance exists in the liquid form of the prepolymer. It is mostly composed of two-component or one-component coatings and contains almost no solvent.