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1. Application of RTV coating in power system

In recent years, a long-lasting, economical, labor-saving and anti-pollution RTV coating has been widely used. It had an initial validity period of 5 years and has now developed to 10 years. The improvement of this function cannot achieve without the advancement of science and technology. This kind of external insulation anti-pollution flashover coating has been used in places such as power systems and power plants. This kind of anti-pollution flashover coating is used in an environment where the nominal voltage of the AC/DC system is higher than 1kV, the transformer substations that are operating under dirty conditions and the external insulation of overhead transmission line equipment is anti-fouling. It can prevent flashover and improve the external insulation level of the equipment. A large amount of manpower and material resources have been invested in the power system, and various measures have been taken to prevent the pollution flashover accidents.

2. The application of RTV coating in power equipment

In order to further increase the service life of RTV coating, improve its overall performance, and make it oil-repellent and self-cleaning, a new anti-pollution flashover coating PRTV was born.  In severe weather conditions, a continuous water film will appear along the surface of wet and dirty insulators, then the flashover occurs. When the PRTV anti-pollution flashover coating is applied due to its hydrophobicity and migration of the hydrophobicity, the surface of the dirt layer is also hydrophobic. There are only small discontinuous water droplets on the surface of the dirt layer, which will not be infiltrated and the water film will also not been seen on the surface of the layer. In this connection, the anti-pollution flashover performance of the equipment has been greatly improved.

3. The application of RTV coating in power grid

PRTV long-lasting anti-pollution flashover coating for external insulation of electric power equipment is a new type of electrical functional material designed for the power grid and various power generation, transmission and power customers to permanently and thoroughly eliminate the hidden danger of pollution flashover for equipments. The RTV coating has such advantages as excellent electrical insulation, electrical corrosion resistance up to TMA4.5, flame resistance up to FV-0, arc resistance and effectively protecting electromagnetic equipment from damage under abnormal conditions. The storage period of this product is 1 year when it is in use. It can still be used after the re-inspection exceeds the storage period. The product is packaged in a closed metal container. It should be kept in dry and ventilated condition during storage and transportation, and it should be kept away form sunlight and rain.