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Live Cleaning Agent JK-1

Properties of Live Cleaning Agent JK-1:

No Flash Point: Nonflammable;
High Level Insulation: Insulation Resistance 10×1012Ω;
High Voltage Endurance: 26kV/mm;
Non-corrosiveness: PH=7;
Complete Volatilization: Residue Amount= 0.002;
No Harm to Health: toxicology experiment shows it's actual not toxic;
Satisfy the Environment Protection Standards: it contains neither trichloroethane nor Freon.

JK-1 is a solvent with comprehensive technical properties both in static and dynamic, it has been tested by China CEPREI Laboratory (The Fifth Electronics Research Institute of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) and State Grid Wuhan High-voltage Research Institute as the static.

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  • Why Need Anti-pollution Flashover

    The secondary equipment in electric power system, power station, hydropower station and substation, such as the relay, terminal box, distribution panel (switchgear cabinet), protection panel (switchgear cabinet), control panel (switchgear cabinet), utility cabinet, etc will unavoidably be attached by the dust, oil dirt, dampness, metal powder, etc., and cause bellowing bad influence: The dust will weaken the inside components' heat dissipation and insulation ability, furthermore, it could also lead to bad contact, short circuit and flashover, etc. As we know, anti-pollution flashover is the most priority job in electrical system maintaining work, but currently major attentions are concentrated on the primary equipment. In fact, the anti-pollution flashover is also important for the secondary equipment. Because of its heavy work, long work period and low efficiency, traditional treatment are hard to thoroughly clean up various kinds of pollution, it's the reason why many flashover accidents still happened.

    Therefore, to clean and maintain the secondary equipment regularly is quite necessary and practical, meanwhile, it's also economical since although the costs for cleaning and maintaining the equipment is about one to two percent of the total equipment investment, the bigger maintaining cost could be saved from the replacing parts, so comparatively it could bring a comprehensive value to the company in a long run.

    Nonflammable, there is no fire danger as paint or gasoline. The JK-1 Live Cleaning Agent has low surface tension and high solvation ability, it can separate water and oil dirt on the equipment surface and then penetrate the tiny gap so as to clean up thoroughly. No harms to the surface of metal, coating, insulation layer, aluminum alloy, rubber or plastic with resistance to solvent. No harms to the electrical equipment's material and performance.
  • Live Cheaning Agent Function

    Live cleaning agent is a kind of special-made exclusive solvent to clean different kinds of precise electronic instruments, electronic devices, electrical mechanical equipment, etc. when they are running in normal environment. Our Agent can quickly clean up the assorted pollution inside or on the surface of equipment caused by different reasons (such as the accumulation of dust, smoke, grease, salt substance, static electricity and other kinds of charged particles.) and then eliminate the faults to recover the equipment to its best running status, as result, it can also great improve the equipment's safety and extend its working life.
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