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1. Basic principle of the 10KV ceramic transformer insulator

10KV Ceramic transformer insulator's an overvoltage(Electric current) Protector is mainly used to protect all kinds of electrical equipment (transformer, switch, capacitor, wave arrester, transformer, generator, electric power, power cable, etc.) in power system, railway electrification system and communication system from atmospheric overvoltage, current operation overvoltage (current) and power frequency transient overvoltage (current), which is the basis of insulation coordination in power system.

10KV Ceramic transformer insulators core components adopt advanced formula of aviation standard, which has very excellent nonlinear (volt-ampere) characteristics, that is, under normal working voltage and current, the current passing through has microampere level, when suffering from over-voltage, the current passing through reaches thousands of amperes instantly, making the arrester in conduction state, releasing over-voltage energy, thus effectively limiting the over-voltage to Infringement of power transmission and transformation equipment.

Conventional 10KV Ceramic transformer insulator because of high discharge voltage and high dispersion of operation wave discharge, the discharge voltage of operation wave is high. 10KV Ceramic insulator has good response characteristics of steep wave, no delay to steep wave voltage and current, low residual operation voltage, no discharge dispersion and other advantages, which greatly improves the protection margin under steep wave and operation wave, and in insulation coordination, it can make the protection margin of steep wave, lightning wave and operation wave close together, so as to provide the best protection for power equipment.

10KV Ceramic transformer insulator has good sealing performance, excellent explosion-proof, dirt free and no washing. It can reduce temperature flash in fog. It is resistant to electric erosion, anti-ageing, small size and lightweight. It is easy to install and maintain. Twenty New generation products of the century.

2. Product characteristics of a 10KV ceramic transformer insulator

  • small size, lightweight, collision resistance, transportation without collision damage, flexible installation, suitable for use in the switchgear;
  • special structure, overall moulding, no gap, good sealing, moisture-proof and explosion-proof;
  • large creepage distance, good hydrophobicity, strong pollution resistance, stable performance, reduced operation and maintenance;
  • The unique formulation of aviation technology standard, small leakage current, slow ageing speed, long service life;
  • The actual DC reference voltage, square wave through current capacity and high current withstand capacity are all higher than the national standards.