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insulator coating

RTV coating can become total anti-pollution flashover products only after the in-site construction. So far, the construction of RTV coating is still easy to become a weak link of the products, and even some manufacturers with better product quality have also made mistakes during the construction in recent years.

The effective methods to ensure the thickness of RTV coating in site construction are as follows:

1. The guarantee of coating thickness can be realized by different construction requirements. Generally, the average thickness of one-time spraying is about 0.2 mm. It can be ensured that the thickness of three-time spraying is about 0.5 mm. Therefore, the requirement is the following: spray more than two times; sampling thickness measurement should choose the upper surface of the insulator as the detection point. Only in this way can the beauty of the color and the thickness of the coating be guaranteed.

2. The construction of layered spraying of RTV coating with large color difference can be used to ensure the thickness of RTV coating, which can avoid the missing spraying, improve the construction quality, and ensure that the service life of the coatings is not affected by the thickness of the coating.

3. Therefore, in the process of infrastructure and equipment maintenance with enough time, it is recommended to use two-color cross spraying, during which white and red-brown coatings as well as cross-spraying can be used. The spraying is required to be more than two times. After each spraying, it must be fully cured before the second spraying is allowed. For the color coatings, the thickness of the coatings should be measured after each spraying, and you can choose 3-5 samples of typical equipment for measurement.

4. When spraying for equipment maintenance in a limited time, single-color spraying can be used, but the total spraying must be divided into multiple sprays, and the surafce must be dry after each spraying. And do not spray too thick at one time (too thick spraying at one time will cause the coating to accumulate, flow, and be rough at the surface, etc.). After the spraying is finished, the thickness of all spraying equipment should be sampled and inspected.