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insulator coating

At present, most of the high-voltage parts of substation equipment are exposed, because small animals cause equipment short-circuits, especially busbars, switch cabinets, reactors, etc. of 10kV, 35kV voltage level, because of the low voltage level, the thousand-arc distance insulator is small in size, and the insulator Small animals connected to it are prone to cause system grounding or short-circuit faults. In addition, exposed busbars are prone to rust due to the influence of the external environment. The flame retardant thermally conductive insulating coating is easier to solve this problem.

1. Application of insulating coatings in power systems

For transmission lines, bare wires are usually used for overhead lines. In some parts of the substation, the distance between the cross wiring and other local wiring is relatively close. When the transmission line crosses the highway, the problem of sagging occurs. When the vehicle is driven at a high altitude, the distance between the top of the vehicle and the lowest point of the conductor sag is relatively close, so there is a danger of the conductor discharging the vehicle. For urban or rural transmission lines, many wires are located close to buildings. In rainy and windy weather, it is easy to cause discharge between wires and buildings, which has hidden dangers to the stability of the power system and personal safety. The use of flame retardant thermally conductive insulating coatings is also a good way to deal with these problems.

2. Performance of insulating coatings

Flame retardant thermally conductive insulating coating is a liquid insulating coating, which is made of special silicone rubber and other polymers and high-performance materials through polymer alloy technology. Insulation coating is a flame retardant, insulating and high temperature resistant conductive copper rod powder coating. The powder coating has good flame retardancy, insulation and high temperature resistance, as well as abrasion resistance, impact resistance and adhesion.

Flame retardant thermally conductive insulating coatings are suitable for all equipment and components that require insulation treatment, flame retardant and moisture protection, such as bare conductors, busbars, busbars, cables, through-wall conduits, high-power motors, dry-type reactors, dry-type transformers, switches cabinet, etc. It is especially suitable for use on electrical equipment working in a humid environment.