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Types of anti fouling coatingss

1.There are many kinds of anti fouling coating nowadays. The main development directions are as follows:
(1)Self-polishing anti fouling coatings without organic tin;
(2)Anti fouling coatings without tin;
(3)Non-toxic anti fouling coatings (low-energy surface coatings, biological anti fouling coatings, etc.);
(4)Conductive anti fouling coatings.

2.Commercial anti fouling coatings can be classified into two categories:
(1)Anti fouling coatings containing insecticide (hydrated self-cleaning anti fouling coatings);
(2)Anti fouling coatings without insecticide (or anti fouling coatings containing low surface or anti fouling coatings for removing dirt)

3. Traditional organic tin self-polishing anti fouling coatings and new anti fouling coatings, according to the development and mechanism, can be roughly divided into three categories.

4. In order to effectively control the release of anti fouling agents, people adopt different technical methods, and adopt new, high-performance, non-toxic anti fouling materials, ships, which will have no adverse impact on the environment and the ecological ocean.

The anti fouling coatings can be roughly divided into: 1. non-solvent non-solvent based coatings (contact type and diffusion type); 2. anti-fouling base coatings soluble in the base material; 3 new anti-fouling coatings; 4. anti-fouling and anti-corrosion coatings boats.

Functions of anti fouling coatings

1. The coatings is applied to the surface of the electric porcelain to form a film after curing. The film has excellent water resistance under clean conditions. When the surface of the membrane is covered with dirt, the hydrophobic groups of small molecules of the membrane can move rapidly through the soil layer and migrate to the surface of the soil layer, which also has excellent water repellency even in the water.

2. Even under the conditions of fog, drizzle exposure and other wet weather, the surface of the stain is difficult to wet. If the soil layer is wet for a long time, the surface of the stain will not form water and water film, but there are many discontinuous droplets existing independently, which greatly inhibits the leakage current generation and significantly increases the ignition voltage of the insulator.

3. Under bad weather conditions, flashing along the wet insulating surface leads to flashover accidents in the electrical system. Pollution flashes threaten the safe and stable operation of power system while lighters affect local power supply. Heavy power affect the power grid, and even lead to the breakdown of the whole power grid. The impact of lightning on the power supply system has caused huge losses to the national economy.