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Environmental friendly cleaning agent for electrical equipment, is also known as Electrical Equipment Cleaning Agent. It is suitable for the cleaning of motor, electric generator, stator, rotor, terminal block, transformer equipment, distribution room equipment, large-scale electromagnetic valve, automatic control switch, electric welding machine and all kinds of electrical equipment.

Electrical Equipment Cleaning Agent is a safe and economic cleaning agent for electrical equipment. It has excellent oil cleaning ability. It can directly clean the oil, carbon powder and dust of the rotor, stator, air hole, cable connector and distribution switch contact of the motor at the working site. This product is a new generation of solvent-based non ODS Electrical Equipment Cleaning Agent with no irritating smell and no toxicity to health. It has the characteristics of low surface tension, low viscosity, excellent permeability, and can effectively clean electrical equipment of various materials. It has special natural dryness, and is very suitable for on-site cleaning of thermal power and hydropower during maintenance.

Features of electric cleaning agent

1. It has strong cleaning ability, which can quickly penetrate, dissolve and strip oil stains with good cleaning effect.

2. The performance index is better than that of common DQ-25.

3. It can volatilize completely without residue and condensation.

4. It is safe to use and harmless to metal, most coating, insulation coating, resistant rubber and plastic.

Matters needing attention

1. For abnormal hot parts and serious dirt parts, it is not suitable to clean with electricity.

2. It is not suitable for plastic parts or precision instruments that are not solvent resistant.

3. The use environment shall be well ventilated and away from fire sources.