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insulator coating

In recent years, with the intensification of industrial and agricultural production, the comprehensive pollution in the atmosphere has become more and more serious, and the damage to the transmission equipment in the atmosphere has also increased, which has a very important impact on the safe operation of the power grid. In order to improve the performance of equipment and enhance the anti-pollution flashover capability of power transmission equipment, it is necessary to actively enhance the anti-pollution flashover ability of insulation equipment during the daily construction of substations. This is also an important work for current substation maintenance personnel.

In order to deal with the pollution flashover caused by corrosion of the surface, silicone rubber antifouling paint can also be used in the anti-fouling process of the insulating equipment. Generally speaking, silicone rubber antifouling paints include several components, namely silicone rubber, fillers, and additives. These items can form corresponding pollution flashover prevention materials after corresponding chemical and physical reactions.

Silicone rubber antifouling paint is generally hydrophobic, so it can improve the antifouling ability of insulating equipment. In rainy weather, if anti-fouling paint is used, no water ripples or water film will be formed on the insulating equipment. When dirt falls on the coating, it will not be ionized, but will roll off with the water drops, which will eventually hinder the contact between the insulating equipment and the dirt, making the insulating equipment more adaptable. At the same time, the service life of silicone rubber antifouling paint is very long, generally up to several decades, so it can be reused in actual use, saving costs.