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insulator coating

1. Increase the climbing distance  

It is an effective measure to increase the leakage distance of the insulator by installing the silicone umbrella skirt with a larger outer diameter on the surface of the original porcelain.

2. The hydrophobicity and migration of hydrophobicity

The silicone umbrella skirt has good hydrophobicity and migration of hydrophobicity. The surface energy of the silicone material is low, and the water exists in the form of isolated water droplets on the surface of the silicone or the surface of the dirty layer. The dirty layer is difficult to wet, thereby improving the surface condition of the combined insulating medium. This reduces the leakage current on the surface of the porcelain bottle with the silicone umbrella skirt, improves the pollution flashover characteristics, and significantly increases the pollution flashover voltage of the insulator.

3. The self-cleaning 

The covering effect of the large-diameter silicone umbrella skirt can reduce the pollution of the porcelain bottle. The silicone umbrella skirt has a slope, and it has a smooth surface. Also, it is a soft elastic material with a strong self-cleaning ability under the action of wind and rain. Therefore, the dirt accumulation and salt density of the porcelain bottle can be significantly reduced by installing the silicone umbrella skirt.

4. Twists and turns

The added silicone umbrella skirt improves the shape of the porcelain bottle and extends the arc channel. Before the silicone umbrella skirt is installed, the dirt flashover path of the porcelain bottle is a straight line. However, after installation, the flashover path has a zigzag shape around the silicone umbrella skirt, and the distance is much longer than a straight line.

5. The arc-blocking effect

The large-diameter silicone umbrella skirt is installed near the upper and lower flanges to act as a barrier, which can prevent arc generation and development.