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insulator coating
A transmission line in Guangdong, China, and a power supply bureau maintenance engineer come to our factory, said they encountered a headache problem. Transmission lines get through farmland, the line is installed glass insulators. Since Flashover led insulator rupture, fragmentation of insulators scattered into the fields, local farmers stepped on broken glass, complaints Power Supply Bureau, not only caused discontent among the masses, but still give cause transmission security risks. For this special case, power supply bureau engineers hope to find a way to wrap the broken glass insulators, and then be replaced by a professional maintenance engineers.

Fujian Ruisen chemical Co.,Ltd. specially developed;anti-blast splashing RTV coating, added a special aramid fiber pulp (body armor components), not only has the performance of the original RTV, but also increase the concentration, effectively enhance the mechanical properties, anti-blasting. This splash-proof coating by the military tests.