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There are many kinds of creatures and endless species in the vast ocean. There are many kinds of marine creatures. No matter animals or plants, they will actively adhere to the underwater shell of the ship. It not only increases the weight of the ship, but also significantly increases the surface roughness of the bottom of the ship, which increases the forward friction resistance of the ship, and thus reducing the speed of navigation. In other words, if we want to maintain the normal speed, we have to increase the fuel consumption of the ship. The volume of solids of new products of Fujian Ruisen New Materials Co., Ltd. is higher, which means that the number of matching coatings can be reduced, while also reducing over spray and VOC emissions. The upgraded product portfolio is highly cost-effective and has advantages of outstanding environmental protection and performance. Thus, it will help shipowners, operators and shipyards cope with the challenges posed by fuel floats and increasing environmental pressures.

Main characteristics ofAnti-Algae & Anti-Fouling Coating

1. In a certain period of time, it can prevent the attachment of marine fouling organisms;

2. The toxic material in the paint film seeps steadily into the sea water;

3. The paint film is of certain water permeability to ensure the continuous leakage of toxicity;

4. It has good adhesion and matching performance with antirust paint. Antifouling paint should also have good interlayer adhesion and it should be slightly soluble with antirust paint.

5. The paint film shall have good resistance to the impact of seawater, and there should be no bubble or falling off when it is immersed in water for a long time;

6. In the course of navigation, there are different degrees of self polishing ability;

7. It has good storage stability, and its antifouling performance is not decreased during storage.

Development prospect

The development of environment-friendlyAnti-Algae & Anti-Fouling Coatingis the development direction of marine antifouling coatings. A kind ofAnti-Algae & Anti-Fouling Coatingwith excellent performance should have the following advantages: good antifouling effect, long effective antifouling period, economical and little impact on the environment. With the research of new antifouling coatings and the development of supporting technology, the practical application of these environmentally friendly antifouling coatings will gradually expand.