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The effect of ceramic insulator in transmission line. Butterfly type insulator and needle type insulator are mainly used in high and low voltage transmission lines, while suspension type insulator is used in high voltage transmission lines. Ceramic insulator is a special insulating control, which can play an important role in overhead transmission lines.  Insulators often present certain appearance of faults in application. It often needs to adhere to the appearance of the clean and tidy porcelain. It must be in accordance with the methods and methods of its repair and repair, to ensure that the use of the great effect and value of porcelain bottles.  The fault of ceramic insulators may also be caused by the fact that the dielectric balance in the air is destroyed inside the hollow barrel of insulator insulation of porcelain bottle after being disturbed by strong electric field, resulting in the breakdown of electric discharge. It is a phenomenon caused by manufacturer made the insulator hollow in the middle which affects the practical service life and value of porcelain insulator. But the space of the base is not treated as a vacuum state, making the remaining air form a conductive film in the apearance of hollow  under the effect of strong electric field force, and by long-term ionization. That is, with the increase of running time and current of ionized carbon, it encounters strong lightning current and over voltage, which destroys the balance and eventually forms the breakdown and conduction of insulator. More knowledge at China glass insulator trading network.