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In order to avoid pollution flashover accidents, our company recommends spraying anti-pollution flashover coating and installing silicone umbrella skirts (also known as climbing skirts).

I The necessity of installing silicone umbrella skirt

An all-round spraying of anti-pollution flashover coating on the surface of power insulation equipment can effectively improve the hydrophobicity and insulation of the surface of the equipment and at the same time repair the small traces on the surface of the equipment caused by electrical corrosion.

And the installation of the silicone umbrella skirt can be combined with the equipment. The combination of the two increases the creepage distance of the equipment, and improves the anti-fouling performance of the equipment insulator. The two measures have a significant synergistic effect and protect the safe operation of the power system!

II How to install the silicone umbrella skirt

According to different voltage levels, different operating environments (upright or the inclined) and the extension length after the silicone umbrella skirt installation, the potential distribution and electric field strength of the insulator installation are simulated and calculated to provide customers with accurate installation program.

1. Clean the surface of the silicone umbrella skirt before construction, check the perimeter of the porcelain skirt, and adjust the edge perimeter of the silicone umbrella skirt.

2. Use special adhesive glue on the surface of the insulator and the surface of the skirt respectively.

3. Cover the silicone umbrella skirt on the porcelain skirt, adjust the seams and covering angles, and roll the skirt to eliminate the interface air gap.

4. Use special bonding glue to fill the hem, the rim of the umbrella skirt and the gap of the silicone umbrella cap.

5. Bond the rib downward.