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insulator coating
In the field of new energy vehicles, green cars through the use of series of multiple battery packs as the power source, zero emissions have explosive development around country. As for the battery pack of new energy vehicles, the distance between adjacent batteries is small, and it is easy to generate high temperature during driving. Therefore, the quality of insulating materials between batteries is the key to determine the good operation of automobile power batteries. Traditional power batteries use insulating paper for electromagnetic insulation protection and packaging. The insulating paper has good insulating and flexible properties, but due to the complex production process of power batteries and the gap between the insulating paper and the battery shell, partial discharge is likely to affect the service life of the battery, thus increasing the uncertainty in the running process of electric vehicles. As a high-performance material in the field of environmental protection, powder coating is the best match in the field of new energy. A new energy electric vehicle using insulation powder coating has simple construction, a spray molding is easy to install and transport, coating thickness of 100-150um, impurities and metal particles have a greater impact on the electrical insulation performance of the coating. So it needs to use special electrical insulation coating powder production equipment. Due to different raw materials, curing temperature and time, the pretreatment of the workpiece has a great influence on the insulation performance of the powder coating of the aluminum battery. Different kinds of resin, dosage of curing agent, catalyst and filler under certain thickness have an effect on the insulation voltage resistance, electric shock breakdown degree and qualified rate of electric shock breakdown of the coating after curing.
Electrical insulation coating powder has a higher requirement on the insulating and pressure-resisting performance of the coating. In the selection of raw materials, it must be strictly screened to determine the appropriate formula according to the standards of customers and control the mixing of impurities in the production process to obtain powder coating with excellent heat resistance, excellent anti-corrosion performance and excellent electrical insulating performance.