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Anti-pollution flashover coating is also called room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, which is divided into RTV anti-pollution flashover coating and PRTV anti-pollution flashover coating. It is mainly used for the anti-pollution flashover work of power system insulators or external insulation of electrical equipment, in which the PRTV anti-pollution flashover coating is also called long-term anti-pollution flashover coating. The RTV anti-pollution flashover coating is a new material used to improve the insulation level of electrical equipment. As a new technology and new material, it has been rapidly developed and widely used internationally with its outstanding features such as long-term effectiveness and maintenance-free.

After the anti-pollution flashover coating is used on the insulator, the anti-pollution flashover coating composite porcelain (or glass) insulator is formed, which is to improve the external insulation configuration of power transmission and transformation equipment. It is suitable for the external insulation and anti-pollution of the AC and DC systems of various voltage levels and the ambient temperature of -50°C~100°C, and the operation of substations and overhead transmission line equipment under dirty conditions. And it can prevent flashover and improve the external insulation level of the equipment.

During the development of substations, pollution flashovers may occur in many insulation equipment. Strengthening the prevention of pollution flashover of insulation equipment in substations is an important part of the development of substations. The anti-pollution flashover coating can effectively hinder the contact between the insulating equipment and the dirt, which makes the insulating equipment more adaptable.

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