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Introduction of self fusing insulation tape:

The self fusing insulation tape is made of silicone rubber as the base material and heat-resistant resin with self-adhesive characteristics, which is processed by special technology. It has good elasticity, large flexibility, compact binding, good heat resistance and cold resistance. It still has good dielectric properties in this environment. It also has the advantages of good arc resistance, high thermal conductivity and good heat dissipation. Therefore, it is an ideal insulating material suitable for H-class motor and electrical appliances.

Types of self fusing insulation tape:

1. According to the different rubber materials, self-melting adhesive tape can be divided into ethylene-propylene rubber self-melting adhesive tape, butyl rubber waterproof tape, silicone rubber tape and so on.

2. It can also be divided into high-pressure rubber self-melting tape, low-pressure rubber self-melting tape, semiconductor electric tape, anti-arc silicone rubber tape and so on.

Characteristics of self fusing insulating tape:

1.Electrical insulation performance

(1)Volume resistivity: at least 10 thirteen ohms/cm. (ASTM D257);
(2)The insulation voltage of 10,000 KV per centimeter thickness can provide a safe insulation environment for winding. The insulation voltage of 13.5KV can be achieved by using self-melting insulating tape of 0.5mm thickness , which can meet the insulation requirements. It can also be called silica gel high-voltage self-adhesive tape.
(3) The main component of the product contains Si, and even after combustion, SiO 2 is produced, it still has insulation properties.
(4) It has excellent anti-corona, anti-arc and anti-magnetic track performance, so it provides a safe working environment.

2. Temperature and Aging Resistance

(1) Temperature resistance range - 50 ~250 C, the highest temperature resistance is 250 C;
(2) The thermal stability is 180 C, and the product can be used safely for more than over 10 years at this temperature, with excellent aging resistance.
(3) The long-term service life can be up to 3000 hours at 250 C.

3.Sealing moisture-proof performance

(1)Silicone rubber is the main material. Water vapor does not penetrate through silicone tape, so it has excellent moisture resistance and effective insulation.
(2)After winding with tape, it can be wound in a 1/2 overlapping way. It can achieve self-fusion within 24 hours at room temperature. After winding, each layer will be permanently fused into one layer. Moreover, the process is irreversible. It fits tightly into the entangled area. Because of its good adherence, even in irregular bending parts, it can be tightly adhered, without warping edges. It achieves sealing function, and is also known as self-melting silicone tape.