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insulator coating
Hollow insulator is a special insulating control, which can play an important role in overhead transmission lines.

Historical roots

In the early years, insulators were mostly used in poles, and gradually developed into high-voltage wire towers with a lot of disc-shaped insulators hanging at one end. It was designed to increase the creeping distance, usually made of glass or ceramics, called insulators.

Production method

The hollow core insulators are composed of insulating mandrel inner barrel, end flange and silicone rubber umbrella sleeve. The silicone rubber umbrella sleeve is connected by more than two silicone rubber umbrella sleeve segments. The adjacent two silicone rubber umbrella sleeve segments are connected by step lapping structure. The end of the umbrella sleeve section finished in the previous processing is a step-type front lap ring with outer diameter less than the outer diameter of the umbrella sleeve section. The front lap ring of the umbrella sleeve section is coated with adhesive. The front segment of the umbrella sleeve completed in the latter processing is the back lap ring with the inner diameter matching the lap ring. The front lap ring and the back lap ring are bonded by adhesive.

Design and Implementation

According to the technical requirements of 1 000 kV UHV transmission project in China, the product design and process implementation scheme of hollow core insulators for SF6 combined electrical appliances are determined. The feasibility of the design scheme, the reliability of technical quality and the guarantee measures are expounded. Finally, it is pointed out that under the correct design scheme and reliable process guarantee, the composite hollow sleeve produced should be able to meet the needs of UHV transmission projects in China.