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insulator coating
Outside the wire made of copper, aluminum, etc is insulation cover like Insulating paint, plastic, rubber, etc. Insulating paint, plastic, rubber, however, are all afraid of high temperature, generally more than 200 ℃, they have gathered, and lost insulation. But a lot of wires need to work at high temperatures, so how to deal with it? Right, let the high voltage insulation paint do a favor. The coating is actually a ceramic paint, in addition to maintaining electrical insulation at high temperatures, it can "bond" closely with metal wires, making it "seamless" . You can wind the wire randomly and they won't be separated. This paint is very dense. If coated with it, two wires with a large voltage difference will not have phenomenon of breakdown. High voltage insulation paint can be divided into many categories according to their chemical composition. For example, boron nitride or alumina, copper fluoride coating on the surface of a graphite conductor still have good electrical insulating properties in 400 ℃. Enamel on metal wires to 700℃, phosphate based inorganic binder coating to 1000℃, plasma spraying alumina coating to 1300℃, they still maintain good electrical insulation performance. High voltage insulation paint has been widely used in electric power, electric motor, electric apparatus, electronics, aviation, atomic energy, space technology and so on.