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insulator coating

Busbar junction box: also known as busbar protection box, insulating box, protective cover, busbar insulating cover, joint protective cover, etc1kV,10KV and 35kV different withstand voltage levels.

1.Application: Mainly used for insulation protection of busbar joint box at the connection of electrified body of electrical equipment conductor, as well as insulation protection of special parts such as high and low voltage switchgear, circuit breaker, busbar connection, transformer terminal, etc.

2. Product features sharp edges and corners, uniform wall thickness, accurate size, stable performance, smooth and meticulous appearance, long service life and other advantages, which can better show the grade of equipment, the overall effect is obvious.

3. Compared with the traditional busbar junction box, because the traditional one is made by the heat shrinking process, the raw material cannot be completely bonded with the mould when it is preheated and contracted, which is limited by the shrinkage ratio and its elastic strength. Therefore, the busbar box made by us is not good in appearance, rough in surface, not in place in molding, deformed and twisted when heated, inaccurate in size, uneven in thickness, and unstable in performance Short service life, poor quality, difficult to reach the insulation protection level, which will affect the overall aesthetic effect of the equipment and reduce busbar junction box .