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Marine bio-fouling is one of the most important problems to be solved in marine development, which will not only increase the navigational resistance and fuel consumption of ships, but also cause serious bio-corrosion and shorten the service life of ships and marine equipment. Due to the lag of research, there is no environmental protection and long-term green anti fouling coating research production technology in China. The market has been monopolized by international multinational companies for a long time, which is inconsistent with China's status as the world's largest shipbuilding country and restricts the implementation of China's marine strategy.

Based on the principle of self-polishing, the anti fouling resin with stable hydrolysis and excellent physical properties was synthesized through molecular design, which solved the problems of uncontrollable polishing rate and easy cracking of common anti-fouling coating. At the same time, a series of environmentally friendly anti-fouling coatings with excellent anti-fouling performance for different types of ships were manufactured by optimizing the environmentally friendly anti-fouling compound system and the formulation of the coatings, which guaranteed the anti fouling validity and effectiveness. This technology frees China from the control of foreign coatings companies on the anti fouling coating market and speeds up the realization of self-determination of long-term green anti fouling coatings in China.