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insulator coating

Hollow core insulators(HCI) is well designed and has excellent reliability in high voltage equipment. Axicom HCI components are made of high-quality fibreglass reinforced resin tubes, silicone rubber housings and aluminium alloy flanges. They are suitable for high voltage outdoor applications and can withstand up to 1100 kV AC / 800 kV DC. HCI is designed and manufactured with materials that make it lighter in weight, require no support structure, less costly to transport, and easier to handle. This high-performance product provides cost-effective and reliable solutions.

Product characteristics:

Stable performance and high reliability

Suitable for a wide range of voltages and Applications

Proven performance remains unaffected even in harsh conditions

Stronger anti-pollution and anti seismicity characteristics

Less likely to explode

Lightweight and easy to install

High hydrophobicity and long-term stability

Highly environmental protection

High hydrophobicity and long-term stability

Excellent tracking and UV resistance