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insulator coating
I. Overview

The slot button type silicone rubber busbar joint box is made of radiation-crosslinked polyolefin material, which has excellent physical and chemical properties. It is an insulation treatment material for the connection of the busbar, and is also suitable for the voltage level of 1KV/10KV/35KV. There are various shape protection boxes such as "I", "T" and "L". The slot button type silicone rubber busbar joint box has the functions of electrical insulation, anti-rust and anti-corrosion of solder joints, mechanical protection, and reduced phase spacing, which is widely used in electronics, communication, machinery manufacturing and other fields.

II. Characteristics
Low smoke, soft, flame retardant, high strength, resistant to carbon marks Environmental standards: RoHS Standard color: red, yellow, green, and other colors can be customized. III. Main application

It is mainly used for insulation protection of electrical equipment conductors at electrical connection, as well as insulation protection for special parts such as high and low voltage switchgear, circuit breakers, rubber junction box and busbar connection box processing, and transformer terminals.

IV. The basic features:

It is not deformed by irradiation, not deformed by heat, and not shrunk when heated.
The appearance is sharp and angular, the wall thickness is uniform, and the size is accurate.
It has the advantages of stable performance, smooth appearance and long service life.
It can better highlight the equipment grade, making the overall effect is more obvious.

V. Specifications

The specifications for the applicable slot button type silicone rubber busbar joint box are 30*3, 40*4, 50*5, 60*6, 80*8, 100*10, 120*12, 150*12, etc. The shape has type I, straight T and L.
“T” type (the main busbar is vertically overlapped with the branch busbar)
“L” type (the main busbar and the busbar are connected at right angles)

VI. The method of use
Put the busbar heat shrinkable tube on the copper row and heat it with a heat gun. Use screws to hold two copper bars Prepare the busbar connection box of the corresponding specification Place the busbar connection box on the copper bar to be protected. Fix the busbar connection box and completely wrap the copper busbar parts that need protection.