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insulator coating

The busbar insulation coating manufactured by Ruisen can be used to protect bare wire, busbar, cable, high-power generator, dry reactor, dry-type equipment and components that need insulation, heat conduction, flame retardant, moisture-proof and so on. It is very suitable for electrical equipment operating in polluted and humid environment.

Although it is not a new maintenance technique, busbar insulation coatings are coated with electric porcelain insulators to improve their pollution resistance. There may be many people who do not know the working principle. Here is to introduce the working principle of busbar insulation coating:

Power station or line is built in the area where the pollution continues to increase over time. For example, there are industrial areas and expressways under construction nearby. Such construction will significantly change the degree of pollution that has a negative impact on the line or power station. We must take measures, otherwise the risk of flashover will be increased.

A thin layer of busbar insulation coating is applied on the surface of electric porcelain and glass insulator, which makes the original hydrophilic surface hydrophobic and greatly improves its pollution resistance. In addition, because the low molecular chains in silicone rubber continue to migrate to the surface, even if the surface is covered by a pollution layer, the ceramic insulator still remains hydrophobic.

More and more power companies choose busbar insulation coating. Another reason behind it is that the busbar insulation coating has both the electrical properties of silicone rubber and the mechanical properties of ceramics.