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Pollution flashover is an accident that deserves more attention in the operation of the circuit, because once this accident occurs, the protection of the entire power grid will be a huge damage. Needless to say, the economic benefits caused by large-scale power outages in the city will lead to paralysis of urban operations. Therefore, we should also improve our understanding of pollution flashover accidents before we can choose better anti-pollution flashover coatings.

1. The importance of anti-pollution flashover coatings for power grids

Pollution flashover is on the surface of the wire, because the accumulation of stains will lead to the leakage of current and cause a serious short circuit accident. Where did these stains come from? Many stains are caused by the adsorption of current. We all know that in our own life, if there is static electricity, it is easy to attract dust, so if there is no anti-pollution flashover coating for large electrical equipment.

We know that the current air pollution is very serious, so there will be more dust in the air, and these dusts are the culprits that may lead to accidents. Therefore, in today's social environment, we need more protection for electrical equipment. The easiest way, and the most effective way, is the anti-pollution flashover coating. The anti-pollution flashover coating has absolutely non-conductive properties, which can directly prevent the pollution flashover from causing damage to the external environment when there is a problem in the circuit, so that the pollution flashover can be directly prevented from spreading, which is also very important for personal safety.

2. The application of anti-pollution flashover coatings brings convenience to social supply

The anti-pollution flashover coating is a utility model. The cured coating has a compact internal structure, uniform filler particle distribution, strong hydrophobicity, convenient migration, and high surface finish, which greatly improves the practical value of the anti-pollution flashover coating. By coating the common insulator with antifouling paint, the common insulator has similar characteristics to the synthetic insulator, making it more convenient to use and more adaptable.

The number of enterprise users is increasing, and the requirements for the reliability of power supply are also getting higher and higher. Many users directly supply power from the substation to the grid, although the economy of electricity consumption is improved. At present, many power transmission and transformation projects have adopted this construction technology, and achieved remarkable results. The adhesion of anti-pollution flashover coatings refers to the mutual attraction of the contact parts of two different substances, which is the external manifestation of molecular force. When the molecules of the two substances are relatively close to each other, they can only appear. Two solids are generally not in close contact, and adhesion between the two is unlikely to have any effect. Liquids and solids can be in close contact and the adhesion between them will work.

The anti-pollution flashover insulating coating has excellent hydrophobicity and rapid, balanced and continuous hydrophobic migration; good electrical insulation; high anti-pollution flashover voltage, arc resistance, and tracking resistance; high coating strength and good adhesion; Maintenance-free, cleaning-free and other features. In the same salt-dense environment, the power transmission and transformation equipment using anti-pollution flashover coatings can increase the pollution flashover voltage amplitude by more than 2 times.