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insulator coating

Silicone rubber insulating self-fusing tape is made of silicone rubber and is suitable for various extreme environments. It can maintain excellent electrical insulation and stability in the environment of -54°C to +204°C. It does not contain adhesives, and chemically bonds itself within 24 hours at room temperature, enabling residue-free installation and removal of various mechanical and electrical applications. Different from traditional adhesive-based tapes, this product has excellent dielectric strength. At 180°C, its dielectric strength is at least 300VPM. It also has moisture resistance, oxidation resistance, ozone resistance and corona resistance. In addition, it can ensure continuous and high-efficiency insulation value, and can be tightly wound around complex shapes, uniform and smooth, and has the performance of damping and absorbing mechanical shock.

Application areas of silicone rubber insulated self-fusing tapes include mechanical outer packaging, such as wire winding and wire binding, emergency pipe and hose repair, air duct sealing, coolant pipe repair, and roller traction and protection. Electrical applications include insulation of wire and cable connections and terminals, motor coil insulation, insulation and sealing of electrical connections, and weatherproofing. The robustness of silicone rubber insulating self-fusing tape can perform excellent insulation performance in challenging application scenarios such as aviation and spacecraft, heat transmission pipelines, radiation environments, and underwater environments.

Fujian Ruisen New Material Co., Ltd. is the largest RTV silicon coating (HVIC) manufacturer in China. The silicone rubber insulating self-fusing tapes we manufacture are sold all over the world and have won unanimous praise from customers. Welcome everyone to consult and purchase!