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insulator coating
I. Overview

Insulator electric cleaning agent or electrical equipment cleaning agent can quickly remove dust, oil, charcoal and other dirt from insulators and RPV coating insulators without powering down. After cleaning, the insulator can take on a new look and extend the service life of the insulator. In addition, it has no corrosion to the silicone rubber material and has no effect on the hydrophobicity of the insulator, which is the best cleaning and protection product for the insulator. II. Characteristics Electrical equipment cleaning agent can quickly remove harmful substances such as dust, oil, moisture and carbon powder. It has an electrical equipment cleaning strength of 35KV, which has special protection for electrical equipment and switching circuits. It can produce antistatic protective film after cleaning. Non-corrosive for insulators and RTV coating insulators, metals, paint finishes, insulating coatings, plastics, silicone rubber, etc. III. The method of use Crubbing and brushing method: Use a dry cloth dampened with an insulator electric cleaning agent for scrubbing or brushing. (Note: when it is not charged) Spraying method: Spraying with an electrical equipment cleaning agent can quickly remove dust, oil, moisture, carbon powder, metal powder, surface static electricity and other harmful substances on the insulator, and then dry naturally after cleaning. IV. Cautions At the site of cleaning equipment, pay attention to ventilation and ventilation; Equipment with serious fever, should not be charged clean; It is strictly forbidden to produce sparks in the workplace; Particularly humid environment, need to use power outage; Be careful not to splash into the eyes during use. If accidentally splashed into the eyes, please rinse immediately with water; Please wear chemical gloves when operation; Avoid sun exposure when not in use.